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Stockinette Rolls – 400 Gram

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  • Cut to length as required.
  • Stockinette rolls are highly absorbent
  • Knitted cotton for numerous cleaning and polishing applications, standard/medium weave, and 100% cotton.

All About Stockinette Rolls (400 Gram)

Stockinette rolls are a handy and versatile cleaning and polishing tool made from 100% absorbent knitted cotton. They come in a variety of sizes, with the 400-gram roll being a popular choice. Here’s a quick rundown of their features and uses:

  • Features:

    • Highly Absorbent: The knitted cotton construction allows them to soak up liquids and dust effectively.
    • Soft and Gentle: Safe for use on delicate surfaces without scratching.
    • Lint-Free: Won’t leave behind any unwanted fibers during cleaning.
    • Reusable: They can be washed and reused multiple times.
    • Cut-to-Size: The continuous roll allows you to tear off a piece of the perfect size for the job.
  • Uses:

    • Polishing: Ideal for buffing and polishing furniture, cars, musical instruments, and more.
    • Cleaning: Effective for removing dust, dirt, and spills from various surfaces.
    • Applying Products: Can be used to apply polishes, waxes, and other cleaning solutions.
    • General Maintenance: Great for everyday cleaning tasks around the house or workshop.

With their soft, absorbent qualities, 400-gram stockinette rolls are a valuable addition to any cleaning kit. They’re gentle enough for delicate surfaces yet effective for tackling everyday messes.

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5 reviews for Stockinette Rolls – 400 Gram

  1. j hewings

    First class product.

  2. Michael Hall

    Spot on, just what was needed

  3. Paul L

    Good quality and quantity st a decent price

  4. Peter W Jordan

    A really good buy compared to previous ones bought from the shops, really useful to have on board!

  5. FRED

    Used to call this mutton cloth, great tube of cotton cloth

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