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Tarpaulins – 12’x9′

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  • 100% Waterproof
  • Rot proof
  • UV Protected
  • Eyelets
  • Reinforced hems
  • Ideal for Painters, Decorators, and Builders. Good for the Protection of your carpets and furniture from splashes of paint or paste when painting, decorating or wallpapering.

A 12’x9′ tarpaulin might seem like a simple sheet, but it’s a versatile tool for any homeowner or adventurer. Here’s why:

  • Features:

    • Size: 12 feet long by 9 feet wide, offering ample coverage for a variety of uses.
    • Material: Typically made from waterproof materials like polyethylene or canvas, providing protection from rain, snow, and sun.
    • Durability: Many tarps are built to withstand tears, punctures, and harsh weather conditions.
    • Reinforced edges and grommets: These features allow for secure fastening with ropes or bungee cords.
    • Lightweight and portable: Easy to fold and store, making it convenient to take anywhere.
  • Uses:

    • Protection: Cover firewood, furniture, grills, or building materials outdoors.
    • Temporary shelter: Create a quick emergency tent or lean-to.
    • Groundsheet: Use under a tent for added comfort and insulation.
    • Pool cover: Keep your pool clean and debris-free during the off-season.
    • Vehicle cover: Shield your car, motorcycle, or boat from sun, rain, or dust.
    • Drop cloth: Protect surfaces while painting, staining, or other messy projects.
    • Emergency repairs: Patch a leaky roof temporarily or use as a window barrier during a storm.

With a little creativity, a 12’x9′ tarpaulin can become your go-to solution for countless situations.

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2 reviews for Tarpaulins – 12’x9′

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    as expected

  2. sam

    Great tarpaulin and an excellent customer service.

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