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Heavy Duty Canvas Dust Sheets – 12’x9′

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  • Quantity: Pack of 1, 3, 5 & 10
  • Size: 12ft (3.66 meters) x 9ft (2.74 meters)
  • Heavy Duty Material: 7oz (approx.) thick, dense cotton canvas
  • Protects from Paint & Dust: Perfect for DIY projects & professional painters
  • Highly Absorbent: Traps spills & prevents paint drops
  • Multipurpose: Great for painting, remodeling & more
  • Bonus Uses: Use as curtains, blinds, screens & canopies

Heavy Duty Canvas Dust Sheets: Protection You Can Count On (12′ x 9′)

Built to Last:

  • Heavyweight Canvas: These dust sheets are crafted from thick canvas, offering superior durability compared to standard cotton twill versions.
  • Tight Weave: The tight weave construction minimizes dust infiltration, keeping your covered items protected.
  • Rip and Tear Resistant: The strong canvas material resists rips and tears, ensuring long-lasting use.

Functional Versatility:

  • Drapes Well: The material drapes easily, conforming to the shape of furniture or objects for a secure cover.
  • Large Size (12′ x 9′): This generous size provides ample coverage for furniture, appliances, floors, or other large items.
  • Washable: For easy cleaning, these dust sheets can be washed and reused.


  • Construction and Renovation: Protect surfaces and belongings from dust, debris, and paint splatter during home improvement projects.
  • Furniture Storage: Cover furniture for storage to guard against dust, dirt, and minor scratches.
  • Auto Protection: Shield your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles from dust and sunlight during storage or outdoor projects.
  • Drop Cloth: Use as a heavy-duty drop cloth for painting, arts and crafts, or messy mechanical work.

In Summary:

Heavy duty canvas dust sheets (12′ x 9′) are a valuable investment for anyone who needs reliable protection from dust, debris, and moisture. Their durable build, functional size, and multiple applications make them a versatile tool for various tasks around the home, workshop, or garage.

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2 reviews for Heavy Duty Canvas Dust Sheets – 12’x9′

  1. Richard

    Used it make a car cover. Easy to work with and expect it to last a long time.

  2. qaexxp

    canvas dust sheets were much thicker and didn’t rip or tear easily

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